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Support : APNOA (AT/GER) „simas “, Robert B. LiseK (PL) „SIBYL“.
DJ: altberg (drowne records)

Similar to the members of Boxblitz, Clemens Bacher alias Cid Rim hits professionally, though only when it comes to his drum kit, where he turns his drumsticks into magic wands on a regular basis. In the autumn of 2017, Cid Rim (LuckyMe, Affine Records) released his much-anticipated debut album “Material”. In addition to that, he has developed a new live show over the last couple of months. In it, he is surrounded by a brand new LED-light show by visual artist Clemens Haas. Known as a celebrated jazz drummer and multi-instrumentalist, the Viennese producer operates between progressive jazz and unorthodox electronic concepts and in doing so, sets new standards. Cid Rim creates original and contemporary dance-music-hybrids with artfully programmed beats, deep chords and analogue drum patterns.

The avant-garde of electronic dance-music of the 21st century.” (Volume)


BLYPKEN’s live set is based upon the concept of “neurowave”, a custom style coined by George Stanciulescu, based on the disrupted interweaving of sonic (and visual) narratives. In a sense, it evokes postmodernism’s kaleidoscopic ways of apprehending art, but confronted with the paradigm of the digital technologies and subsequent man-machine hybrid aesthetics, that deterritorialize and reshape the flow of perceptive streams.

The Romanian producer George D. Stanciulescu started his experimental electronica project BLYPKEN in 2017. The debut audiovisual work entitled "The Fetishamanic Maze" was premiered live at Radion Amsterdam in May and the debut release “0102” was launched by the Swedish label The Sublunar Society in August 2017. Some other AV shows featuring visual work done by video artist Andrei Cozlac followed in the international art world circuit at New River Studios in London, Sonic Dreams Festival (Ireland), Spektrum Berlin, AU Vienna and Mutuo Barcelona, leading to a great audience response.

"BLYPKEN morphs 'Transfigure' into musical mastery" (Tiny Mix Tapes)

"Being unique and exploratory are two essentials the world forgets to teach us. We come to it on our own. For George Stanciulescu, the application he defines music in BLYPKEN is a calling." (The Playground, London)

APNOA "simas"

"There was no doubt that the road was slowly rising, and the silhouette of the horizon seemed much higher in the sky. The road began to twist, and suddenly he was aware of great rocks on either side of him. Soon only a narrow ribbon of sky was still visible, and the darkness became, if possible, even more intense."
Arthur C. Clarke, A Walk in the Dark

simas is an immersive audiovisual performance with a duration of 35 – 45 minutes. It is substantially based on the science fiction short story ‘A Walk in the Dark’ by Arthur C. Clarke and transformations of it. Concrete, generated and transformed sounds are composed, arranged and manipulated in real time in order to create a psychosonic experience from which it is difficult to tear oneself away. Sounds and visual content are referring to humanoid and technological artifacts of the last and the current century but let the audience project their own imagination onto it. Noise algorithms are being considered as the golden ratio of the digital age.

The visual side is strongly connected to the audio and vice versa via technological and metaphorical relations. The aim is to provide an audiovisual environment in which sensation, feeling, thinking and intuition are forming a perceptual entity. The immersive character of the performance can be achieved best in a professional presentation environment with multiple screens and an appropriate sound-system.

Tobias Feldmeier // video production. creative coding. stage design
Sebastian Drack // computer music. electronics.

simas is settled in the concept of dromology (Virilio) and more specifically referring to the ‘field effect’ which is created by real time perspectives of telecommunications. The consequence of this effect is the destruction of the time-continuum. Teleaction takes over as the perceptual presence of the digital world. Time is condensed into the zone of the present much like a type of black hole that refuses to allow the future or the past. Digital transformations on time-extracted media artifacts form a telepresence.

"Past, present and future – that old tripartite division of the time continuum – then cedes primacy to the immediacy of a tele-presence which is akin to a new type of relief. This is a relief not of the material thing, but of the event, in which the fourth dimension (that of time) suddenly substitutes for the third: the material volume loses its geometrical value as an ‘effective presence’ and yields to an audiovisual volume whose self-evident ‘tele-presence’ easily wins out over the nature of the facts." Paul Virilio, The Information Bomb

Robert B. Lisek „SIBYL”
The project creates and tests new methods of generating stories and new types of audio-visual performance through interactions with autonomous AI agent. SIBYL is Artificial Intelligence that proposes new stories and sounds. SIBYL is trained by techniques of composing by Pynchon, Burroughs and Gibson. SIBYL is presented as performance that uses recurrent neural network, analog sound and video synthesizers.