Fanko (DE)


ARGEkultur, hall | free admission

„Insights into reality out of irreality. A network of voyeuristic media captivates, creates chaos and abandons. Voices fall silent and the images speak, humans that turn into profiles. Your life before my eyes.”

A forgotten alter ego is trapped in a mind infused with the media. Crushing masses of faces, voices, opinions and fetishes are forced on this mind, whether it wants it or not. What is especially fascinating can be experienced from up close. Collective exposure through a society desensitized and demoralized by voyeuristic desires. Its negotiations are performed on an accessible stage. An interaction of sounds and words with the thoughts and shapes of a space that is never the same.
Texts: i.a. by Anna Seeberger and Iman Tekle. Music: Andreas Posch.

© Jannik Görger
Fanko. Operating in the Rhine-Main area until recently, 28-year-old Jannik Görger trained successfully as a conception artist during his studies of time-based media in Mainz. This was followed by a course of study at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach am Main, with an emphasis on the stage as a space, making an effort to combine his main interest, drama, with his visual arts. Withdrawal from university after one semester due to the successful entrance exam for a degree in drama at the University Mozarteum Salzburg, where he is currently studying.