Monochrom (AT)

Roboexotica Salzburg

ARGEkultur, foyer | free admission

Contributing robots: Amalettomat (Zwax), In Your Face (Reinhard Sprung) und der Spritzerbot (monochrom feat. Thomas Preindl)

We are those cyborgs which we like to imagine in science fiction, art or during fundamental philosophical debates; us, who upgrade themselves, who become more efficient and more easily adjust to processes of our exploitation, abuse and reification. As Post-Fordism knows no other for exploitation anymore, it can no longer be – in the form of a robot – separated from its subject, neither in the present nor in the future. It can only be buried deeper in it, so as to minimize the friction losses between subject and exploitation. The human is at the heart of this celebration of technology while the robots focus on their original purpose: making life more pleasant for humans.

Since 1999, monochrom, SHIFZ and the bureau of philosophy have been using Roboexotica to playfully show that it is not in the nature of a robot to outsmart or to oust humans. If the intimate relationship between humans and machines is troubled nowadays, then the artists think this is rather due to commercial interests, production pressure and surveillance policy. The robots at Roboexotica prove this point at first glance: one is serving schnapps, one is preparing Palatschinken, and another is offering Kaiserspritzer – sometimes clumsy, but always at your service and gastronomically on point.