visual + virtual + viral

Workshop. Exploring visual formats for political narratives, from VR immersion to memes.
Flexible drop-In-sessions, duration: ca. 30 min. per visit
ARGEkultur |  admission free

2084/ will run a twin workshop to introduce participants to new visual formats for political narratives, with a focus on virtual reality immersion and viral memes.

In the “virtual room”, participants will experience virtual reality immersion videos using a smart phone and cardboard device on a range of political issues related to the festival’s themes.

The “viral room” will introduce the meme subculture and its origins, and look at its increasing use in mainstream culture and politics. Participants will get the chance to take part in interactive "memestorm" sessions to generate creative campaign visuals.
More information about memes: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_meme
and virtual reality: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immersion_(virtual_reality)

2084/ is a social think tank that connects diverse, conscious citizens via community events and online publishing.
2084/ examines the unpredictable certainty of revolutions to come. We follow the waking dream of a generation in search of homemade narratives for the times they live in.

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Victor Fleurot is a political communications expert with a focus on sustainability and social inclusion. He has coordinated campaigns for EU programmes and civil society organisations in Brussels and Berlin, where he is now developing alternative forms of political engagement and visual activism.

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Jan Stroetmann is a multimedia artist based in Berlin, Germany. Having worked in different disciplines ranging from 3D animation to generative design and game programming, he creates innovative experiences in the field of virtual reality.