Diana Arce


The party-independent karaoke bar, where everybody could assume the role of politicians and hold their speeches instead of them.
After-show party with dj janosch
ARGEkultur Studio | admission free

Talk like a politician - or in his/her stead! Choose one speech out of a menu of real speeches and repeat it stagily. Entertain your audience with funny, informative or forgotten speeches of politicians from all parties. Like real karaoke but easier, as Politaoke only requires speaking. But please feel free to sing, rap, comment or correct as you wish. Choose one speech and grab your microphone! For digital spring we will arrange a new program of speeches by Austrian politicians. Suggestions can be made at politaoke.com/submit-a-speech. Also on board to Salzburg: the best international Politaoke speeches of the past. Not all of us want to become politicians, but some of us still have a voice to raise - are you one of them?

Twitter: @politaoke #MeineRede


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Diana Arce is an Alaskan-born Dominican, raised in a multicultural equivalent of the Brady Bunch family and raised all over the United States. She was lucky enough to be mentored by an amazing anarchist, atheist law professor, who convinced her to pursue social sciences through making art.
Diana developed Politaoke in 2007 and toured across the United States during the 2008 Presidential election. The success of the US tour and subsequent international shows led to her founding Artists Without a Cause, a non-profit developing collaborations between activist-artists and social justice groups.
Diana has discussed her work on NPR, BBC Outlook, Deutschland Radiokultur and ARD and has been featured in Comedy Central’s Indecision 2008, Metro New York, The New Amsterdam News and the German publication IQ Style. She also holds degrees from the Akademie der Rebellion and School for Creative Activism.
She’s survived an apartment fire, lived in a commune, traveled internationally and multiple times across the continental United States and once shepherded a herd of sheep in Hawaii. Diana is based in Berlin, Germany and working on interventions for the improvement of everyday life, her antiracism project White Guilt Clean Up and the international expansion of Politaoke.

Artist Statement
“I create two kinds of work, one using personal experiences to express universal ideas and the other, using cultural, social and political absurdities to express and create alternative positive spaces for and with people. I primarily make works that require direct audience engagement and collaboration in order to be complete.
I don’t limit myself to any medium and like to engage people outside the gallery context, either in public spaces, bars, on social media or directly in their own homes. I use humor, fun and positivity as an entry point to delve into complex critiques while creating safe spaces for people to collaborate and interact with me and my work. My processes are research based and often long form, where I create multiple works under a single umbrella over the course of one year or longer. I believe art can impact people and in turn bring about positive change.”