Ella Littwitz


Guided exhibition tour in English with Seamus Kealy, director of Salzburger Kunstverein.

In her artwork, Israeli-born Ella Littwitz addresses the territorialization and the construction of historical and psychological frontiers, and the often unstable rules that create these divisions. The artist presents an installation inspired, in part, by footballs found in the course of 19 years in Jerusalem's mined no-man's-land.

littwitz portrait
© Diana Tamane

Ella Littwitz, born 1982 in Israel, lives and works in Berlin, Gent and Israel.

Exhibition opening hours:
TUE-SUN 12.00 – 07.00 pm
Exhibition: February 20 – April 24, 2016

Farid Hafez

Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism

Lecture. In German language
Salzburger Kunstverein | admission free
A cooperation between Salzburger Kunstverein and digital spring festival.

Is Islamophobia the new anti-Semitism? Or is Islamophobia just the other side of the same coin besides anti-Semitism? How related and how different are these two phenomenons? Can they be compared at all? Dr. Farid Hafez, publisher of Islamophobia Studies Yearbook (founded in 2010) and political scientist at Salzburg University, will give a profound insight into this debate.

hafez portrait
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Mag. Dr. Farid Hafez, M.Sc. (*1981) is a research associate at the institute for political sciences at Salzburg University. Hafez graduated in political sciences at the University of Vienna. In spring 2014 he was a visiting scholar at Columbia University, New York. He is also affiliated to the faculty at the University of California, Berkeley. Since 2010 Hafez is publisher of the Islamophobia Studies Yearbook. Together with John Bunzl he was honored with the Bruno Kreiksy Recognition Award for the political book of the year in 2009 ("Islamophobia in Austria"). Recently his book on Islamic political thinkers (“Islamisch-politische Denker. Eine Einführung in die islamisch-politische Ideengeschichte” Peter-Lang Verlag 2014, 2015). was published in its second edition. In total Hafez has published 11 books, he writes articles for the leading international scientific journals and is a welcome guest for numerous TV format like ORF, Al Jazeera English and Washington Post.