Robert Praxmarer

Swimming Pool

Diving where others drown.
Flexible drop-in-sessions, duration: ca. 5 min. per visit.
subnet (first floor, ARGEkultur) | admission free

With snorkel and diving goggles (the virtual reality headset) this interactive installation will lead into the depths of immersion, horror, silence and devotion . The audience plunges into sensual experience of our collective sense of guilt. In an ocean of silence, where only one's own breathing and the sound of ascending oxygen bubbles can be heard, the ghostly amorphous memories of drowned people arise meditatively.

We live in virtual times, reality as a valuta had been devaluated long ago. What counts is what seems credible. what is photoshoped properly, or what is repeated by the media again and again. Is virtuality a better stimulant for empathy than reality? Do we need enactment, distance and reflection to feel the suffering of others? How does the boarder between virtuality and reality, that our society is heading for, look like? Questions and so much water weighing heavily on us....

Short biography:

praxmarer portrait

Robert Praxmarer has been working in the field of video and computer based art for 20 years. He is a scientist, artist and lecturer. His works were honoured by numerous awards and grants (i.e. NetIdee Award, Medienkunstpreis Salzburg, Podium Stipendium, ElektronikLand, UNESCO Digital Arts Award). He was repeatedly artist in residence for the EU programme "Les pepinieres pour les jeunes artistes" in Paris. His studies and his work are located in the field of interactive media and real-time video pieces as well as in the crossover between dramatic experiments and performing arts.