’s digital spring

First-time screening of the on large screen! With following political debat, musical interludes and DJ-party.
ARGEkultur, hall | admission free stands for an act of self-empowerment. Refugees, who worked as journalists in their home countries, are now producing their own tv-programme in Europe. In cooperation with a German/Austrian film team.
Within the framework of "digital spring 2016" can be watched on a large screen for the very first time. In combination with political discussion, attended by musical interludes. wants to dissolve boundaries: Fences are torn down, walls start to fall and barriers begin to disappear - in the minds as well as on the maps. The rest is party.

Event Details:
Talk: Team (from 6 different nations) and guests
Music: and DJ invites to watch films, discuss and party!

During the digital spring festival the reports are shown at the premises of the festival's cooperating partners ARGEkultur, Galerie Fotohof, Künstlerhaus, Toihaus, Schwerpunkt Wissenschaft & Kunst, FS1) - on the event days between March 7 and 13, 2016.

The Background
The team stands for an ambitious vision. We want to become the first European TV channel that is made by refugees. For refugees are not passive media objects but active creators.
The reporters from came to Europe as refugees, among them many film makers, journalists and camera people. A lot of them had to flee the home country for having denounced grievances there. For these people offers a platform to continue their passionate work. For these people are not passive media objects but active creators. produces reports for people who wish for a change of perspective, who rather say "chance" than "crisis" and who see enrichment in "the other" - without fear and with a huge zest for life.

The Team was initiated by the Austrian film maker David Gross. Together with two other film makers (Martin Hasenöhrl and Daniel Samer) and a musician (Sigrid Likar) he forms the support team.
The key focus is on the refugee reporters. At present they come form 4 countries and are headed by the 16-year-old anchorwoman Olivia Christopher (Nigeria). The other reporters are Arman Niamat Ullah (Afghanistan), Ayad Salim (Iraq), Said Mohamed (Somalia) while Newton Idemudia (Nigeria) and Fathi Ghanim (Iraq) work as camera men.

" is artivism. A connection between art and sociopolitical commitment. Of course these are also just stereotypes. The core issue of is to dissolve boundaries with films - in the minds and on the maps." David Gross, initiator