Scripted Careers – A participatory talk by Judith Igelsböck, in friendly confrontation with DIGITAL SPRING resident artists Klaus Erika Dietl and Stephanie Müller (Mediendienst Leistungshölle). 

  Saturday, March 21, 2020, 15:00 – 16:30
  Center for Human-Computer Interaction
  free entry

You need to be on the ball and god forbid you have gaps in your CV! In many professions, the idea of what a successful career should look like is becoming increasingly more specific, almost ‘scripted’. And yet, to what extent should we let idealised and deceptive ‘career scripts’ impact our professional development? Can’t we just rewrite these scripts? What role do mechanization and digitalization play in current career plans? Do they allow for more individual room for manoeuvre? Visiting the DIGITAL SPRING FESTIVAL, you are encouraged to draft the CV which is considered to be ideal in your profession. You should then compare it to your idea of a desirable professional life. 

Images: © pixabay, © privat, © Floriana Betz, © Klaus Erika Dietl.

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Saturday, 21.3.
Center for HCI