Astrit Ismaili (XK)

The New Body

ARGEkultur, Studio | free admission

For “Digital Spring” Astrit Ismaili developed a new project called “The New Body”. Following their interest in identity and body politics they wanted to create a body that goes beyond its natural capacities and opens up to new ways of relating to it– a body that surpasses its usual function as site of negotiation for issues such as race, identity, ethnicity, gender, language and class politics.

The project aims at challenging the body’s predefined physical and mental capacities and limitations by altering existing elements and adding on new ones. The produced sound equals energy that acts as the sole catalyst for the functioning of the body and hence is replacing the mechanisms of the body as we know them. Hereby sound is produced by the movements with the designed wearable music instruments that are installed onto the body of the performer and are thought of being internal parts of the body. These instruments are designed and installed in a manner that each movement triggers a different soundscape. By abstracting the body into sound the artist addresses prejudiced assumptions about it and allows therefore to transcend its conventional readings into new perspectives on the human body and mind.

“The New Body” will be first presented during a live performance by the artist and then as a video that will be projected into a hologram to suggest the actual presence of the artist throughout the exhibition.

Performance, instrument design, music: Astrit Ismaili
Costume: Flaka Jahaj
Sound engineer/programmer: Jaromir Moulders
Text: Emily Kocken
Voice1: Bryna Hellman Instrument
Voice: Edona Vatoci
Camera: Danny Noordanus
Video editing: Naime Perrete
Organization, producer: LambdaLambdaLambda

Ismaili portrait
© Tadi

Astrit Ismaili (1991, Kosovo) is a performance artist whose work is situated between visual arts and theatre. Their work is an intimate experience that operates on family themes, gender issues, perception and transformation. In 2016 the artist graduated from the MA-Program at DasArts – Master of Theater in Amsterdam. Ismaili is the recipient of several awards, including Young Visual Artist Award/Artist of Tomorrow Award (2011), Best Director at the Skena Up International Student Festival (2011) and Best Video Performance at Video Fest (2014). They have shown their work at NeuNow Festival (2017) and FLAM - Forum of Live Art Amsterdam (2016).