Kollektiv Okabre (AT)

Night of the Living Dead

ARGEkultur, hall | admission: EUR 10/8 | tickets: argekultur.at

Kollektiv Okabre adds the soundtrack to the 1968-classic using vocals, sound effects, guitar, bass, drums, synths, Marxophone, Theremin, electronics and amplified objects. The concept of instrumentation and its execution indulge all of the viewers' senses and make way for recognizing the mind as a tool and the heart as a metronome.

“Night of the living dead” is considered a milestone in the genre of horror. Even though in the history of film, zombies had already been cropping up for a long time prior to it, the film is the first instance where the undead are portrayed to rise from their graves by themselves as the living dead. As such, they serve(d) as inspiration for many more works in the history of film.

In addition, “Night of the living dead” was produced in a time, where a nuclear war was eerily close and racism knew no bounds all over the globe. Fairly similar to present time then. Astronautics, genetic engineering, eugenics, cryonics, biotech, nano-food, nanotech, brain-machine-interface and the Human Brain Project have been with us and have taken hold of our brains for much longer. When the possibilities are as numerous as the thoughts, the question remains: Who or what are the zombies?

The true adventures are in your head. Suitable music for the mental cinema is provided by the true adventures of sound research. The musicians of OKABRE work the wide field of image-producing composition with a subtle and solid use of their instruments. The build-up of tension created from sound collages and rhythmically booming layers of sound guarantees an auditory experience in feature-film length. A breathtaking mix of quantum physics and exorcism.” (Sebastian Zoepf, Steinbarger Musiktage)

Following the live concert, an uncut recording will be provided to the visitors free of charge.

Kollektiv Okabre are:
Andreas Wahl - drums
Günther Gessert - theremin, marxophone
Florian Graf - guitar, objects
Manfred Rahofer - electronics
Thomas Pichler - bass, synth
Electric Ray - vocals, effects