qujOchÖ (AT) feat.
Davide Bevilacqua, Eva Maria Dreisiebner, Thomas Philipp


Center for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Studio 3 | free admission

But when they came to writing, Theuth said: “O King, here is something that, once learned, will make the Egyptians wiser and will improve their memory; I have discovered a potion for memory and for wisdom.” This is how it goes, the myth of the invention of writing by the Egyptian god Theuth, as described by the well-known Greek philosopher Plato in his work “Phaedrus” from the 5th century BC.

In this game you will move through ancient Athens, collecting different media in order to complete a mission. You will meet famous people who greatly influenced the development of media and cultural theories. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing shows you the limits of the image, Laura Mulvey takes a delightful gaze on your memorizing abilities, and Marshall McLuhan finally gets his well-deserved massage. Across the 12 stations, you will use smartphones, newspapers, stamps, candy, hand, feet, pairs of eyes, and other means to discover the Myth of Theuth. Whoever manages to finish the mission first – with a combination of strategy, luck, and knowledge – will be worshiped as a divine medium!

At the festival MYTH OF THEUTH will be played by selected media artists and philosophers in a unique performance.

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qujOchÖ operates at the interfaces of art, politics, society and science.
qujOchÖ is diverse, heterogeneous, untaggable and completely undisciplined.
qujOchÖ works with all and nothing, shows, builds, installs, intervenes, discusses, connects, rants and raves.
qujOchÖ makes everything out of conviction and love.
qujOchÖ (* 2001 in Linz, Austria)

qujOchÖ, collective:
Clemens Bauder, * 1986 (architecture, experimental art)
Davide Bevilacqua, * 1989 (media art, media theories, curating)
Jakob Dietrich, * 1976 (audio, conceptual art, cultural studies)
Eva Maria Dreisiebner, * 1987 (media and video art, cultural studies)
Verena Henetmayr, * 1984 (experimental art)
Luzi Katamay, * 1982 (media and video art, experimental art)
Sun Li Lian Obwegeser, * 1981 (audio, animation, experimental art)
Thomas Philipp, * 1975 (experimental art, cultural studies)
Andreas Reichl, * 1982 (audio, experimental art)
Andre Zogholy, * 1975 (audio, experimental art, cultural studies)