What's up with art in architecture?!

City walk with and by Kunst am Bau (art in architecture), guided by Gabriele Wagner in German language.
Meeting Point: Traklhaus, Waagplatz
Admission free, register at kunstambau@salzburg.gv.at
In cooperation with Galerie Fotohof

Cities are not only subject to rapid changes but also to a number of functions. This city walk focuses on the city as a social organism. Selected artworks demonstrate, how the dimension of the social can become recognizable through art in architecture, and the general relation between architecture and visual arts. The 2-hours walk leads to little-known works and provides insight into their production processes.

"SOS" by Robert Jelinek
Eva Schlegel, Mönchsbergaufzug
Martin Gredler and Erich Gruber, Haus der Natur
"Beyond Recall" by Brigitte Kowanz (Staatsbrücke)
Architecture at Areal Stadtwerk with Galerie Fotohof
"Vorübergehende Kunst" (temporary art) at Old Porschehof for digital spring festival:
“Wenn ja, in welcher Form, wenn nein, warum nicht” (If yes, in which form? If no, why not?) Christina Helena Romirer (SUN, March 6 - SUN, March 13) At the closing event the artist will be present to speak about her work and discuss questions.

The work “Wenn ja, in welcher Form, wenn nein, warum nicht” (If yes, in which form? If no, why not?) is based on the examination of current political debates and the subsequent media discourses, which attend and influence our everyday life. On the front of a vacant shop texts will be displayed in the size of large-scale posters. These texts consist of statements and questions taken from social media or press slogans and the associations evoked. The focus of the selection is on terms like crisis, borders, dark figure, debts, false promises, higher profits, catastrophes. The passers-by are sublty confronted with different questions and assertions.

Short biography

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Mag.a Gabriele Wagner studied art history in Salzburg and Munich, she is a long-term member of Galerie Fotohof Salzburg, university assistant at the Linz University of Art and Design, art mediator at the Salzburg Museum of Modern Art and chairwoman of the expert committee for art in architecture in public spaces, Salzburg.