ARTIVISM (Art&Activism) in the Context of Migration.

With Khaled Barakeh (Damaskus / Frankfurt), André Leipold (Member of „Center for Political Beauty“, Berlin) and Sonja Prlic (gold extra, Salzburg) moderated by Sabine Bruckner (Salzburg).
A cooperation between Wissenschaft und Kunst and digital spring festival.
ARGEkultur, hall | admission free

Due to current developments migration has turned from a side issue into one of the main topics of public discourse. Numerous artists have been dealing with this matter for a long time, whereby many of them base their work on digital or social media and forms of expression with a close proximity to activism. Here the boundaries of artistic and political engagement often start to blur, and those of "good taste" and legality are also crossed to some extent - at least for some parts of the audience. The question, if artists are able and bound to compensate political failure, and furthermore, if such measures can still be called 'art', has to be examined (self-)critically. These and similar issues will stand in the focus of the open forum with three personalities who have realized projects or actions in the context of migration matters. After a short presentation of their works the questions raised will be discussed with the audience.

Short biographies:

leer portrait
© Gav Connolly

Born in 1976 in Damascus Suburb, Khaled Barakeh graduated in 2005 from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus, Syria, and completed his MFA at Funen Art Academy in 2010 in Odense, Denmark. He has exhibited at the Künstlerhaus Stuttgart; Golden Thread Gallery, Northern Ireland; Kunsthalle Brandts; Ovegarden, Denmark; Smack Mellon in New York City; Salt in Istanbul and many other institutions. Barakeh finished his Meisterschüler with Simon Starling, at the Städelschule Art Academy in Frankfurt am Main in 2013.

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© Patryk Witt

André Leipold is the privy councilor of the ZPS. He is responsible for the development of ideas, the manufacturing of coherence, the setting of the conceptual frameworks of all parts in a production (basis of texts, staging and public representation) and the coordination of participating artists. Leipold is a singer (“Kreismal”) and producer, also in the music at home.

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© gold extra

Sonja Prlic, born 1976 in Salzburg/Austria. Works as director, playwright, performer and dramaturge. Studied Dramaturgy, Comparative Literature and Theatre Sciences. Co-founded the collaborative art group gold extra with other artists in 1998. She just completed her PhD at the Focus Area Arts and Sciences at the University of Salzburg. She was awarded with prizes such as the Austrian Playwright scolarship, the Austrian Outstanding Artist Award and the Salzburg Media Art Award.

leer portrait
© Rita Bürgler

Sabine Bruckner is an activist, photographer and documentary filmmaker. She lives and works in Salzburg. Her core topics are social injustice, migration and gender. For the Studio West project series "Salzburg - Global City" about people from Salzburg with migration experience Sabine Bruckner is currently working (together with Eva Rothenwänder) on a portrait of a family which decided to flee Bosnia in 1992.